Apr 9, 2018 Atrophy appears as an indentation in the skin at the site of injection. The patient may refer to it as a dimple or a depression. Others may call it.... The keywords of this dream: Dent Forehead Mirror ACCIDENT To dream of an ... the brow depending on its interaction with the frontalis and orbicularis muscles.. Jul 13, 2017 At a closer look, it's as if the dog's muscle has atrophied and has ... and since most dogs seem to act normal despite the indentation, they may.... Sep 21, 2020 The muscles and nerves are located near to the facial bones. ... (forehead) fractures: The frontal bone is the main bone in the forehead area.. May 17, 2021 Dent in forehead muscle ... I am very distressed over this. I cannot find anyone that this has happened to. The doctor who did the injections said it ".... Apr 13, 2017 Dent and ding RedFlags are commonly seen on the front of the shoulders, the chest muscles, and at the point the buttocks, as horses get kicked.... Apr 1, 2019 The frontalis muscles are a pair of vertically oriented muscles in the forehead that lift the eyebrows. When one contracts the forehead muscle it.... Apr 17, 2008 These muscles run from my neck up to the top/back of my head. This is why everything is so sensitive to the touch. I have noticed that when i.... Apr 12, 2016 Hi. It sounds like you had a reaction to Botox, if you received it for migraine using the Silberstein criteria. I think it might be the muscle procerus.... Lately, you may have begun to notice an indentation or divot that has been ... Experts often treat this area with Botox, which paralyzes the muscles and makes.... May 20, 2017 I slipped on wet tile, fell and hit my forehead on the sharp corner of a ... well, I woke up and all ok, despite black eyes, face and huge dent in head ... and also been affected by muscle spasms that connect the neck and skull. 538a28228e

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